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They are intended for preparing large quantities of different kinds of dough. They are suitable for mixing dough for all types of bread, donuts or pizza, and they can also be used for mixing meat. They are intended for farms, tourist farms, pizzerias, pubs, butcheries, and other facilities that require larger amounts of dough or meat. Mixers are distinguished by a simple design and a fast and high quality mixing process.

All parts that come into contact with the mixture are made of stainless steel which ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. The device does not require special maintenance except the occasional replacement of oil in the reduction gear.

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Type of
of meat (kg)
of flour (kg)
capacity (liter)
Possibility of meat
grinder connection
Depth x width x height
Engine power
Supply voltage
MŠ 6 CR-KIP 6 0,5-3 10 ni 32x45x38 20 0,25 230/400
MŠ 12 CR-KIP 12 1-5 20 ni 36x47x42 24 0,25 230/400
MŠ 25 CR-KIP-N 25 2-12 40 ni 42x58x47 35 0,55 230/400
MŠ 25 CR-KIP 25 2-12 40 K-22 P 55x53x85 40 0,55 230/400
MŠ 35 CR-KIP 35 4-18 60 K-22 P 60x 57x93 45 0,55 230/400
MŠ 50 CR-KIP 50 5-25 80 K-22 P 63x62x95 58 0,75 230/400
MŠ 70 CR-KIP 70 7-35 110 K-22 P 68x66x102 65 0,75 230/400
MŠ 25 CCR-KIP 25 2-12 40 K-22 P 60x 57x90 45 0,55 400
MŠ 35 CCR-KIP 35 4-18 60 K-22 P 59x 59x95 505 0,55 400
MŠ 50 CCR-KIP 50 5-25 80 K-22 P 63x63x 98 65 0,75 400
MŠ 70 CCR-KIP 70 7-35 110 K-22 P 63x69x102 70 0,75 400
CR – stainless steel utensils
CCR – entirely stainless steel utensils
N – tabletop
KIP – tilting container


  • After installing the mixing flap on the mixer shaft and connecting the mixer to power supply, your device is ready for operation. Place all required ingredients in a mixing container, place the lid on the container and turn the mixer on. Recommendation: it is better to make a softer mixture (add less flour at the start) and add the flour during the mixing process than vice versa.
  • During operation check the dough regularly and add any missing ingredients if necessary. When you are satisfied with the texture of the dough, turn the mixer off, level the dough and replace the lid on the container.
  • Mixing time depends on the type and quantity of dough. It usually takes between 8 and 15 minutes.
  • To make meat mixtures, we recommend that you first mix the meat and spices, cool the fat (put it in the fridge or freezer for a short amount of time) and add it just before the end of the mixing process. This prevents overmixing of fat and makes sausages look better.
  • Make sure the mixture does not reach over the top of the mixing flap. Adding too much can results in an uneven mixture, extend the mixing time and shorten the service life of the mixer. Always observe the allowed quantities for different types of mixers (the container is larger to allow rising of the dough).
  • Mixing time for making meat mixtures is shorter and usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Prepare all other types of mixtures according to the required technology and your experience.
  • The operator is responsible for both the quality of ingredients and the cleanliness of water. The operator must check the mixture for possible content of foreign objects.


  • All mixers in the set contain a stainless steel lid.
  • At an additional charge a safety cover (VP) is also available. It is a special cover that automatically stops engine operation if you lift it and thus prevents the risks of injuries to hands or fingers when reaching in the danger area.
  • To restart the device press the power switch.

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