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PR-4, PR-6 PR-4, PR-6, PR-8 PR-8 (PR-8, PR-12, PR-16) PR-12, PR-16

They are intended for filling small quantities of meat. They can be used for the production of different types of sausages, salami, black pudding, bratwurst, hot dogs and other similar meat products. Professional manual filling machines are suitable for domestic use, farms, tourist farms, butcheries, and other facilities that process small quantities of meat. Our filling machines are distinguished by simple design, quick cleaning and easy maintenance.

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Type of
filling machine
capacity (liter)
Depth x width x height
sleeves (Ø) (Ø)
Engine power
Supply voltage
PR-4 4 60x22x20 8 22/40 1 / /
PR-6 6 72x22x20 9 22/40 1 / /
PR-8 8 78x22x20 12 22/40 2 / /
PR-12 12 63x33x32 21 22/40 2 / /
PR-16 16 75x33x32 24 22/40 2 / /
PMH-16 16 115x30x37 40 18/22/40 brezstopenjsko 0,18-0,25 230/400
PMH-25 25 110x38x55 105 18/22/40 brezstopenjsko 0,55 400
PR – manual filling machine
PHM – electrical filling machine


  • Easy to use (no need to remove the container while adding mixture)
  • Hygienically safe (all parts that come in contact with the mixture are made of stainless steel)
  • Low maintenance (polyamide slide bushing and ball bearings sealed in the drive component)
  • Air outlet valve
  • Upright version (easier filling of container)
  • Long service life (professional version)
  • Guaranteed service and spare parts (Slovenian product with a two-year warranty)

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We have been satisfied users of your mixer for several years. We use it for kneading bread and we would definitely recommend this product to other customers.

Jožica from Prekmurje

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